Sleekily Online Store COVID-19 Policy

We are currently in really challenging times with the covid-19 pandemic and we have are currently taking measures to ensure our customers have the smoothest and safest shopping experience during this time.

As a matter of ethics, we wouldn't be selling any health item related to the covid-19 pandemic and this will include hand sanitizers,face masks and toilet papers.This is to discourage an uncontrolled abuse of such items especially with regards to price gouging and illegal hoarding of such essential items.

However ,in order to keep our customers satisfied through this period, we will be actively promoting items that will be beneficial to our esteemed customers.Items like entertainment,fitness and relaxation,etc.

Due to the travel restrictions, be advised that there may be some delays in the delivery of your ordered items as they may be held in quarantine for up to 14 days.This will however vary according to local postal services preferences.

We are hiring extra staff to help attend to customer care service requests from our customers and we will do our best to be there for you during this trying times for the human race.All tracking numbers for all orders placed will be dispatched as soon as order is processed.

During this period we will be dedicating some percentage of our profits to local charity focused on COVID-19 response and this will be our own little way of contributing to the end of the scourge.

Please we value all our esteemed customers and we encourage you to adhere strictly to the health policies of your local authorities geared towards mitigating the effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

Stay Safe,wash your hands and social distance while you shop from us with confidence.

Thank You.

Team Sleekily